Suji-Fresh Branding

My role on this project was as lead designer, working closely with the founder to bring the company's branding to life.

  • The Ask

    Take inspiration from the founder's original concept and redesign the logo.

  • The Goal

    Deliver a logo that speaks to the mission of the company, and a styleguide to lead the design direction.

  • The Company's Mission

    Nourish the world with pure and healthy food through an affordable organic delivery service, aiming to enable people of all backgrounds to improve the quality of their lives.

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Branding Exploration and Development

Comps, design explorations and style-guide pages showing the branding for Suji-Fresh.

Suji-Fresh Branding 01

The founder had an existing concept, but it only existed as a flattened .jpg file. For the wide range of things she wished to accomplish, I wanted to make sure she had a versatile logo in vector format to support all of her needs.

Suji-Fresh Branding 02

Not every single variation is shown here, but an example of each step of the exploration is represented. I wanted to make sure that I thoroughly thought out the design and spent time on points of feedback.

Suji-Fresh Branding 03

In order to make sure the logo will work in a number of different scenarios, I create black and white versions as part of the deliverables.

Suji-Fresh Branding 04

Suji-Fresh Website Planning

My role was as lead designer, working closely with the founder to plan out the website.

  • The Ask

    Lend my web expertise to help plan out the structure and content of the website.

  • The Goal

    Set up the company for a successful launch by creating an easy to use customer experience.

  • The Plan

    Create detailed documents and wireframes to help plan for and track each aspect of the website.

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Planning Documents

Site map, wireframes and content documents used to plan for the website.

Suji-Fresh Plan 01

A few example wireframes from the project. Not every wireframe that was created is shown here.

Suji-Fresh Plan 02

Suji-Fresh Plan 03

Suji-Fresh Plan 04

Suji-Fresh Plan 05

An excel document I created, used to track content pieces that needed to be created for the site.

Suji-Fresh Plan 06

Suji-Fresh Plan 07

Suji-Fresh Website Design

My role was as lead designer, working with the founder to establish the initial design direction.

  • The Ask

    Establish the initial design direction for the company site, based on the branding.

  • The Goal

    Set a visual direction by creating the design for the desktop and mobile homepage to match the branding created for the company.

  • The Plan

    Make use of fresh produce imagery and open, clean design to create a modern site fit for the organic delivery service.

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Suji-Fresh Site Styles

Design elements guide for the company site.

Design 01

Design 02