UI/UX Designer

Who I am, How I think, How I work

I want to help

Over the years, I've had numerous exciting experiences working on a wide range of projects that challenged and educated me. I am most passionate about continuing to learn, grow and applying skills I've gathered to figure out how I can best help the customers, the team and the company.

Plan and Prioritize

Working in the digital field, I've learned that priorities and goals can abruptly change. One of the most important tactics I've learned, is to be flexible, re-prioritize on the fly and quickly create a plan of action. I believe that any chaotic situation can be navigated with a good game plan and a can-do attitude.

My general process

[1] Understand the goal, or problem being solved for and who it will impact. (Stakeholders, Customers, The Team)
[2] Concept ideas and directions that are between the range of most viable and most inspirational.
[3] Validate concepts, test theories, produce prototypes, gather feedback and iterate quickly.

  • My Tool-kit

    [for creation] Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch App, Marvel App, Invision App, figma, atom, Miro, Zeplin, After Effects, Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Slack, Trello, Teams, Zoom, JIRA, Confluence, Basecamp, Shopify, Magento, Canon & Nikon DSLR User, MAC & PC User, Android & iOS User

    [concepts] CSS & HTML, Javascript, Agile & Scrum Environments, Email Templates & Design, Site & Assets Optimization, Google Design Sprints, User Testing, Persona Creation, Marketing & Pitch Decks and more

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